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  Our crown moldings are the best you will find to install with or without indirect lighting
   To install with indirect lighting:
* Measure down the wall in each of the corners about 8" and make a mark.
* Pop a chalk line between the corner marks.
* Cut the corners in your saw.
* Apply a bead of painters caulk on the bottom back and top back leg about the size of a pencil.
* Align the molding up with the chalk line and press firmly into the wall.
* Wipe off the access caulk. You have installed and caulked your seams in one step.
* Wait about an hour before installing your lighting. Use 3M foil tape for better and even lighting.

Shown with LED lighting

Use with LED and rope lights

Just put a bead of painters
caulk on the two back areas
and press to the wall

Add 3M reflective tape for
an even and brighter look

Just drop the lights into
the top opening of the molding

Installs with simple painters caulk, spackle and sandpaper

(3M 3350 tape)

Plenty of room for wires
and indirect lighting