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Why use foam crown moldings?
Our crown moldings are the easiest crown moldings you will ever install!
They are a high density "molded" polystyrene foam with a no bead look.

Installs with simple painters caulk
Apply a bead of painters caulk  horizontally on the top of the molding where it meets the ceiling and
a bead on the bottom back side where it meets the wall. Use a bead about the size of a pencil.
Now align the crown molding up with the ceiling and the wall and press it firmily into the wall and the ceiling.
Some of the caulk will ooze out. Just wipe the excess of with a caulking tool or your finger.
You have now installed and caulked your seams in one step. No fastners are needed.
Installs on most surfaces like drywall, stucco, brick, glass, wood or any surface that caulk will bond to.

Cut in most miter saws in most positions
Our foam crown moldings have a flat back design which allows you to align up in most positions in
most miter saws. Just use a regular saw blade. (More teeth the better) Just do not use large tooth rip blades.
Our foam crown molding will cut very cleanly with a smooth edge.

Painting crown molding
Our foam crown moldings are a high density, smooth, white, no bead looking material. They look like
a sheet of copy paper. They do not require a priming coat of paint. Just brush on one good coat of a water-based
paint to achive a nice smooth finish.  You can paint the moldings before installing them.
You can faux finish our moldings to look just like wood moldings with glazings and stains.

Seams and joints
Our foam crown moldings do not contract or expand like wood moldings will. They will not absorb moisture.
The best way to achive good vertical  joints is to use sandable spackle. Just apply spackle into the joint
 let it dry and then sand with a 100-150 grit sandpaper or spounge.
Do not use paints caulk on vertical seams between corners. It shrinks and will show on vertical joints.
You can use painters caulk on inside and outside corners.

Vaulted crown molding
Vaulted crown molding can be used on vaulted, angled and cathederal ceilings.
It can be used going downward of 60 degrees and an upward ceiling of 135 degrees.
It will self adjust to the degree of your wall and ceiling by just sliding it up the wall.
Our crown molding corner blocks can be used in corners and cut to fit the angle of the ceiling.

Crown molding corner blocks
Our crown molding corner blocks come in five sizes to fit any size moldings.
The blocks are one peice, smooth, white primed with no seams.
All blocks are made extra long to accomadate sloped and cathederal ceilings.

What size molding should I use for my ceiling height
Ceilings   8 -  9 ft.   3-1/2"
                  9 - 10 ft.  4-1/2"
                 10 ft plus   5-1/2"

Where is it made
Our crown moldings are 100%  American made.



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